Carers Assessments in England are for adult carers of adults (over 18 years) who are disabled, ill or elderly.  The first part of the process is an on-line self-assessment.  Please use the link below which will take you to Southampton City Council’s website to register and complete the assessment.  When completing it please remember to complete all information about yourself as the carer, and not about the person you care for.  To access this self-assessment, you must be over 18 and provide care and support to an adult who lives in the local area served by Southampton City Council.  Step 1 is to register and Step 2 is to fill out the form.  Please allow at least 1 hour to do both steps.  You can have a look at the sorts of questions you will be asked during the assessment by clicking to download this guide here: Carers Guide to Carers Assessment

Parent carers of children under 18 can access a combined child, parent and family assessment via JIGSAW, Southampton City Council’s integrated health and social care provision. They support children and young people and their families who have a Southampton address with a significant level of need. Jigsaw's phone no is: 023 8091 5702. The referral criteria is here:

If you are assisting someone else to complete the Carers Assessment then they must be present in person or via telephone during completion to ensure accurate information is provided and to provide consent.  By clicking the link below you will leave the Carers in Southampton website and fill in the Southampton City Council website assessment form.

Clicking here takes you to the SCC website to register and fill out a carers assessment

You will be contacted by our assessor after completing the form.  They will talk through your responses and let you know what happens next.

A Carers Assessment aims to identify your needs as a carer.  It should pinpoint what help and support you might need in maintaining your own health and well-being, while continuing your caring role.  Carers Assessments should be an opportunity to:

  • Talk and reflect on your own needs as a carer
  • Share your experience of caring
  • Recognise your role as a carer
  • Be given information and advice
  • Identify and discuss any difficulties you may have

Your completed assessment will be used to determine your eligibility to receive services and supports; however, all carers will be eligible for information and advice. You will be contacted shortly after your assessment with the results of your eligibility.  Based on your needs, identified in your assessment, you may be eligible for any of the following:

  • Information and advice
  • Support and services
  • A personal budget*

If you or someone you are referring does not have online access you can contact Carers in Southampton by

Phone to 023 8058 2387 or
Email to [email protected]

For more information on Carers Assessments visit this Carers UK page:

* A personal budget is for carers to spend on something that will benefit themselves as carers e.g. social outings, gym membership, beauty treatments or in specific circumstances, replacement care (someone to provide cover while you are out).