Action for Asperger's

Charity providing counselling to neurotypical carers of individuals with Asperger's and those they care forRead more

Christian Counselling and Training Service

A confidential counselling service open to allRead more

CRUSE Bereavement Care

Support after the death of someone close.Read more

Life Changes Counselling at 3AC

Short term, affordable, one-to-one counselling for individuals over 18.Read more

Life Changes Counselling Service

Short-term affordable confidential counselling for adults who might otherwise be excluded due to finance or shortfall in service provision. Life Changes offers confidential, one-to-one counselling in a non-medical, therapeutic environment.Read more

No Limits

Free and confidential information, advice, counselling, support and advocacy for young people below the age of 26.Read more

Relate Counselling

Family and partners relationship support and counsellingRead more

Southampton Nightline

Nightline is a confidential information and listening service open from 8pm - 8am during term time. It is run by students for students studying at the University of Southampton.Read more

Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Switchboard is a LGBT+ helpline – a place for calm words when you need them most. They are there to help you with whatever you want to talk about. Nothing is off limits, and they understand how anxious you might feel before you pick up the phone.Read more

The benefits of online therapy if you have a disability

An article published in Disability horizons on the benefits of online therapyRead more

The Moving on Project

Confidential, discrete support, including free counselling to local young people in Fareham and GosportRead more